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    To Improve the Quality of your Institution
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    To reduce the burden of Teachers
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    To increase the Efficiency of Administration
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@CAMPUS - The Integrated Education Management Software

@CAMPUS helps to manage the Student life cycle and the processes related to Academics, Finance, Administration and HR using a single secure system

Group of Institutions | Professional Colleges | K-12 Schools (CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/State)| Preschools

Functional Modules of @CAMPUS

Full version of @CAMPUS has the following modules. Depending on needs smaller packages available

Why Integrated Education Management Software?

What makes @CAMPUS different?

  • The Best User Friendly Interface

    • A personalized graphical dashboard to see all important information as charts and tables
    • Intuitive arrangements of menus for process forms, reports and settings
    • Search and bookmark feature helps to quickly access any page
    • Fast keys and tabs for quick operations
    • Personalized colour schemes as per user’s taste

  • Secure Data from Unauthorized Access

    • Maintain and secure the important information in servers and database in the cloud or local server
    • Password protected authentication (with secure policies) and Role based access control for every user
    • Data protected by encryption for selected data in DB and over communication network
    • Audit logs to track the important transactions

  • Reports accessible from any device by email

    • Required reports can be configured to be delivered as an email attachment to the concerned users
    • No much training is required for end user; mobile/email operation skills are enough to access info.
    • Can be set to automatically generate reports/alerts at pre-scheduled intervals
    • Custom reports with special filters (example: list of fee defaulters >10k as on 9AM) can be sent

  • The Most Flexible Platform

    • @CAMPUS is a built on a highly extensible platform(helps to reduce customization time & effort)
    • Can edit/add the fields in a forms using settings
    • Can configure home page for each users with dashboard of charts/tables/reminders/alerts
    • Powerful Reporting tool for creating any type of filtered reports & charts

  • One Software for Multiple types of Institutions

    • Can be used to manage single/multiple institutions of same or different types
    • Caters to Schools (K-12), Degree Colleges,Pre-school Chains, Poly Techniques Groups of Institutions, Universities, Professional Colleges
    • Hierarchical structures supported for managing groups of institutions under the same management

  • Highly Versatile Deployment Options

    • Product Installable on Windows, Linux or Unix systems which are on cloud or on LAN
    • Works with MySQL DB, and can work with other DBs also
    • Can be used to manage single, multiple institutions of same or different types using the same software
    • Complete solutions including dedicated online server, bulk SMS packages, onsite/offsite support engineers/MIS operators provided (optional)

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Benefits of using @CAMPUS

@CAMPUS helps to significantly reduce your operating cost by automating laborious task of searching different information about students or staff from the physical records for the day to day operations that are repetitive and time consuming in nature. Also significant cost saving can be also realized in terms of saving the paper, consumables, printing, manpower & space by making most of the information exchange & storage in the electronic form which is more secure and long lasting.

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